Conduct Risk

In order to comply with the requirements of our regulator and provide a fair deal for our customers, we have established the following Conduct Risk Framework to demonstrate the governance behind what we do.
Our Governance Framework helps to facilitate a culture that delivers good outcomes both for customers and the markets as a whole.
We would only encourage our client base to enter into new products after we have carried out full due diligence ourselves. The Board regularly reviews our risk register and never underestimates reputational risk. We consider all of the following areas in relation to conduct risk:
  1. Assessment – what the risks are and what controls we have in place
  2. Definition – what Conduct Risk means to Rockfire Capital and how we ensure all employees understand this at their induction
  3. Strategy – we have a clear relationship between Conduct Risk and our business strategy
  4. Risk appetite – we regularly review this against any outcomes from this policy
  5. Governance and accountability – senior management are held to account where they share responsibility for conduct failings
  6. Metrics – we have regular MI reporting on Conduct Risk
  7. Embedding – we have a process in place to ensure Conduct Risk is fully embedded at Rockfire Capital by everyone
We only ever treat our customers as we would like to be treated. We have a very open culture, and everyone is involved in key decision-making processes, we promote a range of views. This allows for testing of current practices, and stimulating a positive attitude among employees, in an environment of open and constructive engagement.

How we look at Governance at each stage of the process is demonstrated below

Rockfire Conduct Risk