Envision adds light touch to electric vehicle charging in Malaga

EV Arc Solar vehicle charger

Vienna-based European Smart Cities[1] recognises Malaga as a city with a ‘smart environment’, with particular approval applied to ecological awareness and a nod to its clean air quality and sustainable resource management

Malaga has worked hard to burnish its Smart City credentials over the past decade and it has proven especially good at winning interesting projects such as the collaborative electric vehicle (EV) venture between Japan’s new energy body, NEDO and the Spanish Technology Institute, CDTI. This venture was conceived as a response to concern that widespread usage of electric vehicles would place additional pressure on national grids that already struggle to stabilise and streamline heavy demand.

Corporate partners in this consortium include Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Corporation and Hitachi of Japan as well as Spain’s Telefonica and utility Endesa (now owned by Enel of Italy). The Japanese companies are providing expertise in automotive manufacture and, specifically, in the production of electric batteries while Endesa and Telefonica are working together[2] to provide charging stations. The involvement of a telephone operator in an electric vehicle project might seem surprising but Telefonica is something of a landowner, with thousands of telephone booths in prime locations around the country, now virtually obsolete as a result of widespread mobile telephone usage. The small patches of land they occupy is ideal for an electric vehicle charging station.

As a complement to this ongoing research, on Thursday, US company, Envision Solar announced the successful deployment of its first EV charger powered by solar energy at the Port of Malaga[3]. This solar charger fits inside a regular parking slot and provides enough electricity to keep a car on the road for 150 miles in a day without recharging. This is considerably more than the average range of electric vehicles just five years ago and almost half of the range recently announced by Tesla using its ground-breaking new battery.

Malaga Mayor Francisco de la Torre commented: “Looking towards the future, nobody doubts the impact that technology will have on the world economy; therefore we have defined a municipal strategy around “Smart City,” sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, big data analysis, the digital economy and the application of ICTs to better the lives of our citizens.”

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