Osborne warned by Tory councils that a fresh round of cuts could devastate local services

Tory-run councils have united with Labour and Lib Dem-run local authorities to warn another round of budget cuts are ‘not an option.’[1] Council bosses have warned Osborne that any more cutbacks could seriously damage local services and harm the most vulnerable in society.

This comes in the wake of Osborne’s disclosure of plans for the further devolution of powers to English cities, including housing and transport.

Many local authorities claimed they had already been forced to impose 40 per cent budget cuts since 2010 [2], according to a letter to the Observer by council bosses representing every type of local authority in England and Wales.

As reported by the Guardian, the letter stated that local authorities have already made efficiency savings that have cut services to the bone. “Councils have worked hard to shield residents from the impact of funding cuts. However, efficiency’s cannot be remade or buildings resold,” they say [3].

Council bosses added that services such caring for the elderly, through to bin collections and maintenance of parks would be effected and could even impact on the NHS.

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