UK solar reaches record high

UK solar has reached a record high, providing nearly a quarter of the country’s electricity demand.

Solar industry experts estimate that the UK has nearly 12GW of solar panels – enough to power the equivalent of 3.8 million homes.

The data was released by the Solar Trade Association (STA) alongside MyGridGB, as part of its third ‘Solar Independence Day’. It claims that 23.9% of demand was met by solar energy early last month [1].

Sheffield Solar, who record PV generation across the UK in an effort to help National Grid keep track of intermittent energy sources, said: “Solar generated 61.7GWh on Monday 6 June. This was the second highest day of solar generation after 4 May, when 62.6GWh was achieved” [2].

Currently, the solar photovoltaic industry is growing at an annual rate of 36%. Analysts expect that half the current global total will be installed every year by 2020.

According to STA, the UK currently has more than a million solar homes, including more than 800,000 homes with solar PV and 200,000 with solar thermal.

Paul Barwell, CEO of STA, further stated: “This is what the country and the world needs to decarbonise the energy sector at the lowest price to the consumer” [1].

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