US, Canada and Mexico set new 2025 target for clean energy

The leaders of the US, Mexico and Canada have announced a pledge to obtain 50% of their energy from renewable sources by 2025.

The renewable energy sources include wind, solar, hydro and other carbon free sources. The pledge also includes another set of initiatives to reduce the cost of transmitting and trading energy across North America.

“We believe this is an aggressive goal, but one that is achievable by all three countries,” said Brian Deese, a senior adviser to President Barack Obama on environmental and energy matters (1).

Currently the US produces around 75% of the power used in all three countries, and around a third of US power now comes from clean energy sources.

“The White House believes its Clean Power Plan rules will ultimately survive the challenge. The rules, along with tax credits for renewable power plants, would help the United States do its share to reach the North American goal.

“Mexico produced less than 20% of its power from clean energy; officials there have already pledged to reach 35% by 2024,” Deese continued (2).

These commitments aim to tackle the effects of climate change and they will also provide employment and other economic benefits.

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