What we believe in

Channelling our energy


There’s a lot of get up and go here. From when our Investment team find a new opportunity, through to investors receiving their return on investments, we focus all our energy on helping companies fulfil their capital requirements and providing returns to our investors.


Caring every step of the way


We believe specialist investments work best when they’re managed by the people who design them. Because we care about the whole investment journey, we don’t outsource key functions, or just provide a platform for investee companies or investors to do the work.


Keeping it simple


For companies, seeking capital can be a complicated and time-consuming business. We’ve simplified that, by managing every step of the process. For our investors, we believe in keeping things straightforward, open and honest, and investing their money with our own is the key to building a long-lasting, successful partnership.


Leaving no stone unturned


We won’t work with just any company seeking capital, or offer any investment. We thoroughly research and analyse opportunities, and invest our own money, before offering an investment to our investors.